• solar aluminum frame gluing machine

solar aluminum frame gluing machine

Solar aluminum frame gluing machine is used to fill the sealant to aluminum alloy before framing.

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Solar Aluminum Frame Gluing Machine

Machine Function

Fill the sealant to aluminum alloy before framing.

Technical Parameter


Length 2900*Width   1200*Table height 1900 mm, total table height 800mm



External dimensions   of rubber-supply plunger pump

Base 991mmX610mmX up   to 895mm


About 315KG

Colloid size

0-6mm arbitrarily adjustable

Glue diameter error




Longest frame size

2500 mm

Shortest border size

500 mm

Maximum frame width   size

60 mm

Minimum border width   size

30 mm

Operating mode

Automatic recognition   of long and short borders

Maximum empty travel   speed


Glue speed

Adjustable within   0-500mm/s

Lift height

Cylinder stroke 80 mm

Glue distance

0~99 mm

Glue supply pressure

Dry compressed gas   0.5-0.6MPa

Equipment downtime

The silica gel will   not solidify in the closed pipeline within one month, and the glue nozzle   needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Feeding method

Up and down

Air flow

The diameter of the   intake pipe is not less than 8mm

Work efficiency

Calculated by 180   watts: 28 seconds for a set of frames (2 lengths and 2 shorts, including the   time to transfer the workpiece), 128 modules per hour, 1024 modules per shift   (8 hours);

Glue change time

10 minutes

Detail picture

Solar Aluminum Frame Gluing Machine

Frame Gluing Machine

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