• On grid solar inverter Three phase 7.5KW to 75KW

On grid solar inverter Three phase 7.5KW to 75KW

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  • Max 98.6% efficiency

  • Real-time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest

  • Wide input voltage operation range from 250V to 960V

All in one. Flexible and economical system solution

  • DC switch

  • DC surge protection device

  • AC surge protection device(option)

  • Built-in PV combiner

  • Power management unit

  • Optimum selection for big PV plants, commercial buildings...

Low maintenance cost

  • Detachable cover for easy installation

  • Rust-free aluminum covers

  • Flexible monitoring solution

  • Multi-function relay can be configured to show various inverter information

Intelligent grid management

  • ZVRT support

  • Reactive power-adjustable

  • Self-power reducer when over frequency

  • Remote active/reactive power limit control

more details visit : https://www.bestsolarinverters.com/

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